Past events with you

  • Thank you very much! Every tour gets more exciting than then last. I'm waiting for new one! Your trips change the life style, I feel myself completely different, full of life, energy and harmony. I wish you all the best.

    Anastasia (Sibera)

  • Kate, thank you a lot for the fairytale yoga tour! That was summer magic in the winter. You are fairy and I miss our awesome company!

    Tatyana (Sibera)

  • Goa, India

    Yoga-tour "Welcome to hatha-yoga"
    More photos

  • Mui Ne, Vietnam

    Yoga + kitesurfing "Hatha-yoga in Muine" More photos

  • Ubud, Indonesia

    "Detox-yoga in Bali" More photos

  • Bali, Indonesia

    "Surf ∧ Yoga" More photos

  • Vegen Bar, Siberia

    Vegan and raw food cooking master classes More photos

  • Yoga-Center, Siberia

    Seminar "Effect of yoga practice to circle our life". Yoga-nidra practice.

  • MS-Group, Siberia

    Seminar + practise "Ashtanga-yoga of Mysore tradition. Yoga chikitsa" More photos

  • Shanti yoga studio, Siberia

    Seminar "Basics of yoga. Circle of life and karma"

  • Rhodes Island, Greece

    Yoga and Kitesurfing. "Greek myths" yoga tour.

  • Barcelona, Spain

    Prenatal Yoga. More photos

  • Mandrem, Goa, India

    Family yoga retreat: "Here comes the sun" More photos

  • Anjuna, Goa, India

    Shala Mandala


Lund, Sweden

  • Private yoga lessons

    Spring to Summer 2018 in Lund, Sweden

  • Prenatal yoga

    Pregnancy is always new feelings and in that period we have a big changes in our mind and body. Yoga can help open our own reserves, be in tune with our pregnancy and dedicate yourself to our new baby. In prenatal Yoga pay a lot of attention to correct movement, breath and different methods of relaxation.

  • Postnatal yoga

    When baby is born you can change your practice to postnatal. It will help you to recover your body after pregnancy quicker. Special techniques teach how to bring back strength and relax with new routine. You also can bring your baby to class and enjoy practice together!

  • Yoga-therapy

    We are all different. Structure of the body, condition of the health and other individual characteristics. If you want special tips for your practice take a private yoga-therapy class!

  • Price


    1 private class - 300 SEK
    5 private classes – 1200 SEK
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Upcoming events for you

  • Urban Yoga Holidays, Mallorca, Spain

  • When

    13-20 May 2017

  • What

    Urban Yoga Holidays is opportunity to join for weekend or whole week to discover more about the geometry of your body and increase your knowledge about pranayama while vacationing in the beautiful setting with other individuals with the same goal of reaching a new awareness of self. We will learn to consciously control your breathing, comfortably integrate inhales and exhales with asanas and meditate with the sounds of wild nature. We include to program daily lessons of yoga philosophy.

  • Where

    The accommodation is at Private villa in Alcudia, between two bays that harbour some of the most outstanding beaches in the Mediterranean Sea. This place accommodates up to 7 guests with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.
    Place is suitable for families. Welcome to join us with kids.

  • For whom

    All levels are welcome

  • What to expect

    7:30-8:00 - morning pranayama
    8:00-9:30 - hatha flow class
    9:30 - yoga breakfast
    13:00 - healthy snacks
    14:00 - yoga philosophy class
    Sun, joy and shanti!

  • How much

    EUR 760 – 1 student/ shared room
    EUR 950 – 1 student/ private room
    EUR 1350 – 2 students/ shared room

    Price includes:
    - 7 nights accomondation
    - 7 yoga breakfasts and healthy snacks
    - 7 pranayma classes
    - 7 morning classes
    - 7 yoga philosophy classes

    Contact us if you would like to join only for weekend!

    Payment Plan

    Because everyone needs a break from time to time, regardless of the money in their bank account, we have a convenient payment plan to help you pay for your retreat in a more manageable way.

    For single student with shared room

    Pre-booking fee - EUR 380
    Final payment - EUR 380
    Total: EUR 760

    For single students with private room

    Pre-booking fee - EUR 475
    Final payment - EUR 475
    Total: EUR 950

    For couples with private room

    Pre-booking fee - EUR 675
    Final payment - EUR 675
    Total: EUR 1350

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  • About Motherhood

    Being mother is not an easy role. There is a lot of transformations going on every day. From how much you have prepared your body and mind depends how 9 months of your pregnancy and birth will pass: stressful or peaceful. Calm mom is a calm kid.

    "15 minutes of yoga practice can change your day completely."

    When I was pregnant for the first time I completed Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training for myself and have being practicing that for 9 months. With my little baby I have given few yoga workshops. During the second pregnancy I was teaching prenatal yoga for 9 months until the labour. And after that with second little one I was continuing to teach.

    Now I'm a mother of two wonderful kids and ready to share with you my experience of positive pregnancy and fantastic natural labour.

  • What

    I've created Special on-line yoga course “Shanti mama” which contains all my asana practices, pranayama and meditation.

  • Naked facts

    - The focus of the course is the mother's shanti-power.
    - All lessons are yoga-flow: soft, smooth and fluid practice.
    - 2 levels: beginner / intermediate or intermediate / advanced, you choose the intensity of the practice yourself skipping complicated elements and repeating suitable twice.
    - The course consists of 10 short videos from 7 to 30 minutes, you choose the duration of the practice yourself combining them or practicing separately.
    - There are no sentiments in the course, but there is a deep support for your inner core and spirit in this sensual period of life.
    - Preparation of the course took me almost 9 months. And I seemed to have survived the third pregnancy.
    - In the course there is no correct / incorrect performance of asanas.

    “My task is to teach you to talk and listen to your body.”

  • Who whom

    - For moms to be who wants to prepare body and mind for the pregnancy.
    - For pregnant (12-40 weeks) who wants to prepare body and mind for the labor.
    - For yoga teachers who wants to explore new movements.

    Please talk to your midwife before practicing yoga.

  • How much


    EUR 39

    All on-line lessons with instructions and guidance and unlimited access.


    EUR 69

    All on-line yoga lessons with instructions and guidance and unlimited access, personal analysis of your questions about yoga practice, individual consultation on Skype and chat.

    Still have questions about course? Would you like to get PDF Do's and Dont's for prenatal yoga?

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    Here is my meditation for activation energies for free



    About myself

    I was born in Siberia and always was thinking about yoga as a mysterious oriental art. My real interest led me to my first teacher, who inspired me.

    I was doing yoga for few years and the same time I was visiting seminars of famous yogis like Swami Parmanand Maharaj, Vadim Popov, Rashid Elagin, Rolf ∧ Marci Naujokat and supported my knowledge by reading the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the books of Victor Boyko, Andrew Siderskiy, Mikhail Baranov, Andrew Lappa etc. I have been tried several styles, even lived in Mysore for a while and learned ashtanga vinyasa yoga from the inside, I still prefer hatha yoga.

    After study at the St. Petersburg school of Yoga and School of Holistic Yoga and Ayurveda, I got certificate RYT 200, and then I started teach. And then yoga as a way of life, gave me a real sense of freedom. I believe that to be a yoga teacher - it is not only the ability to teach asanas and pranayama, it is a whole philosophy and a certain energy exchange.

    I try as much as possible to invest in my students both practical and theoretical knowledge. At the same time I realize that my own learning process is endless, I'm always open to new information. I prefer the intensive practices with a rational approach, individualizing for each. So my yoga tours will be interesting for beginners who are new to yoga and for those who are already familiar with it "is not hearsay."

    Read my blog (for translation to any language click on button in the right corner).

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